Wednesday, April 04, 2012

So What Do You Make of The New KIIS-FM Logo?

I geek out on logos -- but especially TV and radio logos. You've seen me recount the history of the Fox Broadcasting logo, among other things, in the past. So to me, this is monumental: KIIS-FM has ditched its long-running logo, which dates back to the 1980s (and has been replicated by other Clear Channel stations across the country). Above, it's the new logo -- simpler, cleaner, less flashy... but more boring? Below, the logo you're familiar with:

And here's an early KIIS-FM logo, from the early 1980s:

Trivia for you: KIIS didn't originally pronounce itself as "Kiss." In the 1970s, the station referred to itself only as "K-I-I-S." That's because the call letters are actually in reference to KIIS' old position on the AM dial -- 1150 AM. Yep, the "IIS" in KIIS is supposed to look like "115."

And that's why I'm a geek. Thank you!


trouble said...

The new KIIS logo makes me think of lemon and orange sherbert. Very snoozy.

Anonymous said...

A logo I'll never see for a radio station I'll never hear. Works for me!

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