Tuesday, May 01, 2012

FRANKLIN AVENUE IN PALM SPRINGS: Rate-A-Restaurant #270, El Mirasol

El Mirasol

Restaurant: El Mirasol

Location: 140 E Palm Canyon Dr. (Palm Springs)

Type of restaurant: Mexican

El Mirasol

We stipulated: Before heading to Palm Springs, I asked Eating L.A.'s Pat for restaurant recommendations. El Mirasol was on her list, and Mexican sounded just right one evening.

They stipulated: El Mirasol has its own hot sauce, "El Mirasol Doña Diabla Sauce," on the table.

El Mirasol

What we ordered: Mike: Pollo en Mole Poblano ($14); Maria: Pork Chile Verde (Trimmed pork meat cut into small chunks and cooked with green chiles and tomatillos; $12.50); Kids plates (not on the menu)

High point: There's a nice spice to the mole, and the standard chips and salsa come with a really nice crunch.

Low point: The beans and cheese are your standard refried slop -- there isn't a black beans option. Also, no drink menu -- which means no specialty margaritas, or anything special.

El Mirasol

Overall impression: The mole wasn't quite as good as our own La Cabanita, but it held its own, and I enjoyed the spice. Very kid-friendly as well.


Chance we'll go back: I'd be curious to try another Mexican joint the next time we're in town, but I'd be perfectly happy if we ended up back at El Mirasol as well.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your insight! We had dined at El Mirasol in the past and returned after reading your thoughts! We had the Cheese Enchiladas and the Shrimp Pipian as well as two Mirasol Margaritas, or was it three????? Haha! Both entrees were very good as attested by our clean plates! Thanks again for your recommendation, we found our experience to be a rekindling of an old friendship with a good local restaurant.

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