Monday, May 21, 2012

How I Almost Missed Sunday's Big Eclipse


(Pic taken in Reno by my old Hawaii high school friend Eugene Hopkins.)

This Saturday I flew back to L.A. after a whirlwind of an upfronts week in New York. What was the first thing I did before even heading home? A kids' birthday party for one of Blogger Kid's classmates.

Then, what did I do Sunday? That's right, another kids' birthday party for one of Blogger Kid's classmates.

So you'll have to excuse my idiocy on Sunday at 6:30 when, walking out of Home Depot with more construction supplies for a little home project we're doing, I was taken aback by the strangely dark skies. "Weird sky at the moment. Strangely dark yet light, with no clouds in the sky," I Tweeted.

To which I was immediately reminded: The eclipse. Yep, I had been so out of the loop on everything but TV (I can give you plenty of details on Dan Harmon being fired from "Community") that I hadn't even been paying attention to the eclipse news.

So there you go. We witnessed the big eclipse from the parking lot of the Glendale Home Depot. Could have been worse; I was beginning to suspect an alien invasion. Whew.

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