Friday, May 25, 2012

KABC Continues Local TV Dominance; KCAL Wins 10 p.m.

KABC Channel 7 ended May with another dominant month-long win, leading the L.A. market and winning in every time slot the station produces news. At 11 p.m., on a Monday through Friday basis KABC's "Eyewitness News" led with 381,000 viewers, followed by KCBS Channel 2 (278,000), KNBC Channel 4 (212,000) and KCOP Channel 13 (34,000 -- behind "The Simpsons" on KTTV Channel 11 and "Friends" on KTLA Channel 5).

KABC also won at 6 p.m., with 277,000 viewers, followed by KNBC (116,000), KCBS (97,000) and KTLA (39,000). At 5 p.m., the story was nearly the same: KABC (216,000), then KNBC (102,000), KCBS (96,000) and KTTV's "Studio 11 LA" (34,000).

In the morning, KABC won 5 a.m. (109,000, followed by KTLA at 66,000) and 6 am. (223,000, then KTLA's 162,000).

CBS-owned independent KCAL took home the competitive 10 p.m. news race, with 185,000 viewers, followed by KTTV (170,000) and KTLA (123,000). (KCAL and KTLA don't include the last 15 minutes of their newscasts, however, which are coded as sports coverage and is usually the lowest-rated).

The "KTLA Morning News" (164,000) continued to beat out longtime rival "Good Day LA" on KTTV (112,000), although KABC's "Good Morning America" (221,000) wins the 7 a.m. spot.

It's probably worth repeating: With the advent of local people meters, stations now can get demo info on a daily basis -- making sweeps pretty much a relic of time past. But old habits die hard, and the rush by our local TV news operations to compete in sweeps is still high.

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