Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lunch with Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn outside the Turner lunch at Del Posto, May 16

One of the highlights of covering the network upfront presentations in New York earlier this month was an annual lunch at Del Posto that Turner Broadcasting throws for the talent, producers and key executives of TNT and TBS. This year, I got to sit at a table with Courteney Cox and Vince Vaughn, among others. Since Vince was right next to me, we struck up a conversation about our kids and about Chicago (where he lives, and where I went to college) and about Los Feliz (and how Maria and I recently watched "Swingers" on Netflix for the first time in years). That got us to chatting about how much Los Feliz (the Derby, R.I.P.) and downtown L.A. has changed -- and we began to talk about Northeast L.A., and some of our favorite spots in Eagle Rock and Highland Park. Vince is the exec producer of the new TBS comedy "Sullivan and Son," but is heading down to Atlanta this summer to star in the new movie "The Internship" with Owen Wilson.

Meanwhile, in what was a total strange coincidence, a few days later I got this email pitch from one of those random P.R. factories that's forever sending me random pitches:

Dear Michael Schneider :

Do you feel frazzled, disconnected, unhappy? Chances are good, either you or someone you know has just lost their zest. Shea Vaughn has discovered the solution – a remarkable blend of wellness training, inspiration and practical advice. For added interest this charismatic personality is also the mother of Vince Vaughn, the award-winning actor and comedian.

We would very much appreciate your help in getting this message out to your audience via your blog. We are sure that many of your readers would greatly benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience Vaughn shares in her book. Thank you.

If only I had gotten this pitch before lunching with Vince -- it would have been another conversaton, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

CLASSIC - funny

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder if Vince sent it in ? L O L

It's possible but, damn man if you're getting random pitches LOL. Just make sure you're covering yourself and sending the notice back you never know what you're going to be doing in the future - I literally stop friends in mid sentence (not kidding) if they begin to pitch me something. Okay, 2nd tier acquaintances. Friends can pitch.

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