Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Congrats Kings! How They Covered The Stanley Cup Win in Canada


Hockey is a religion in Canada, and it was kind of neat last night watching a chunk of the Kings game on CBC -- where the coverage was branded with the famous banner "Hockey Night in Canada." Here at the Banff World Media Festival (where I've been since Sunday), several Angelenos wondered whether they'd find a TV playing the game. Uh, no worries. Again, this is Canada.

Above, how the national The Globe and Mail covered the Kings' win. And below, the win on the front page of the Calgary Herald and Calgary Sun papers.



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Anonymous said...

Hockey is #1 in Canada. USA on the other hand: After the initial hoopla when they had no choice but to cover the Kings, on 6/12/2012 ESPN devoted much of its coverage to the forthcoming NBA finals, and halfway through 6/12/2012 replaced the Kings photo on their ESPN NHL webpage with a photo of the Boston Bruins winning last year's Stanley Cup (east coast bias?).

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