Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Mike on TV: Introducing "Kissy Sell Out" to L.A.'s Food Trucks

A few months ago, producers Jeff Androsky (who was behind my one shot as a TV reality show judge, Fox Reality Channel's Gimme My Reality Show!) and Michael Linder asked me to particpate in a TV pilot they were shooting starring rising British DJ Kissy Sell Out. The premise: Kissy comes to the U.S. to conquer this market, meeting people across the country along the way.

I taped a couple of segments with Kissy. Above, I introduce him to the joys of L.A.'s food trucks (including Korean tacos and ice cream sandwiches at Coolhaus. Yum -- although I'm not sure I recommend normally eating such things back-to-back. Shot outside LACMA. More tomorrow.

1 comment:

Jon Weisman said...

I like that it's Franklin Avenue's Michael Schneider. Putting the blog on the global map!

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