Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Press Release of the Day: The Siri iPhone Wins World War II


I get a lot of wacky pitches and press releases, but rarely one this odd done with such a straight face:

Did time travelers help the allies win World War ll? Not as far-fetched as you might think. Sidney Dowse, one of the last survivors of Sagan, the prison camp portrayed in the 1963 movie The Great Escape, disclosed hidden details to Eddie Upnick under the condition that he would not reveal anything he was told until after Sidney’s death, which occurred in 2008... The head of MI-6 during World War Two, Stewart Menzies, claimed to have met two men carrying hand-held, voice-activated devices before Germany invaded Poland. These men “supposedly” broke the German Enigma codes and improved the fledgling English radar systems.

There you have it. SOMEBODY gave the Allies a Siri iPhone. "Siri, when is Germany invading Poland?"

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