Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rate-A-Restaurant #281: Sushi House

Sushi House

Restaurant: Sushi House

Location: 214 North El Camino Real (Encinitas)

Type of restaurant: Sushi

We stipulated: We were staying at the nearby La Costa resort, and were looking for some reasonably priced sushi nearby. Sushi House had earned decent reviews on Yelp, so we decided to check it out.

Sushi House

They stipulated: "Fresh fish, fair priced, friendly service."

What we ordered: Fire engine roll ($16.50); shrimp tempura roll ($10); spicy tuna roll ($7); California roll (for the kids; $4.75)

Sushi House

High point: The fire engine sushi was pretty good. (Worth the price though? That's another story.)

Low point: Rude waitress -- when I asked about their specialties, she told me to look at the menu. Then, I ordered a beer, and without asking, she brought out the large bottle. (I asked her to come back with a regular size one.) Also, we ordered the black cod, only to discover they didn't have it.

Overall impression: Located in a strip mall, and with loud TVs blasting, this is not a high-end experience. You know that going in. Yet the rolls are priced way too high for what should be an economical sushi joint.

Chance we'll go back: Even if we're back in Carlsbad, probably not.

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sildenafil said...

Our lunch here started off on a positive note: we got a nice table by a window, it was quiet (the deeper meaning of this, a lack of customers, was not initially apparent), and Mr. Ponytailed Waiter was friendly and seemed attentive. Our food came quickly; my companion thought his sushi was adequate, but without much variety of fish

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