Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rate-A-Restaurant #284: D-Town Burger Bar

D-Town Burger
(Pic via D-Town Burger Bar's Facebook page.)

Restaurant: D-Town Burger Bar

Location: 216 W 6th St (Downtown)

Type of restaurant: Burgers


We stipulated: After an evening grabbing drinks and catching up with friends at The Fall (over on Spring Street, highly recommended), we realized we needed something to soak up those drinks. D-Town was still open -- but barely -- at around 10:45 when we walked in.

They stipulated: "The menu on the wall is straightforward with seven combo offerings and with the same items available a la carte. There is also a Happy Hour menu, available from 4-7PM, with shakes, onion rings, chili cheese fries, and a grilled cheese sandwich for $2 each, but no burger deals," writes The Hamblogger.


What we ordered: Burger with fries and drink, $6.75; chicken sandwich $5.50


High point: The mix of regular and sweet potato fries. And the food hit the spot.

Low point: Chicken sandwich was just OK (a bit dry). Probably would have been better off getting the burger.


Overall impression: Great prices, and late night hours on the weekend; D-town is the kind of place that's perfect for the downtown crowd.

Chance we'll go back: Next time it's late, I'm in downtown and need some quick/good/inexpensive eats.

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