Thursday, December 13, 2012

L.A. Ad Town: Bullocks Wilshire Is Back! Well, Sorta

TJ Maxx ad

The legendary Bullocks Wilshire department store shut down in 1993, and has been the Southwestern Law School's library since the late 1990s. But in a new TJ Maxx ad currently on TV, the building is once again playing the role of department store.

TJ Maxx ad

Of course, with those yellow taxi cabs in front, it looks like it's playing the role of New York department store, but no matter. It's neat to see a modern depiction of the building as a bustling retailer.

TJ Maxx ad

The Blogger Kid, back when he was still just the Blogger Baby, and I got to explore inside the Bullocks Wilshire building as part of a 2005 L.A. Conservancy tour; check out a few pics here.

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@florencita said...

Do you know if BW the dept. store where the Joaquin Phoenix character worked as a photographer at the beginning of "The Master"? Sure looked like it to me.

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