Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Darn: Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks Play Nice This Year

It's the other Tournament of Roses tradition: Keeping an eye and ear out any for passive aggressive asides by Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards during KTLA's annual Rose Parade coverage. The two Bickersons will occasionally make a snide remark about the other one during the parade... but this year, it seems like they behaved themselves. There was so little mention on Twitter this Tuesday morning that I figured it was uneventful. And it sounds like I was pretty much right. Bob Timmermann wrote on Twitter that the duo offered up "nothing too outrageous. Except Bob didn't know that marching bands don't have strings and woodwinds." Another commenter, @MrTvEditor, writes that "My mother thought Stephanie was having denture issues at some points." Happy New Year!

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