Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rate-A-Restaurant #287: Skaf


Restaurant: Skaf's Lebanese Cuisine

Location: 367 N Chevy Chase Dr. (Glendale)

Type of restaurant: Middle Eastern


We stipulated: Meeting with some nearby friends and their kids, we were looking for a place that was kid-friendly and wouldn't mind if we brought some bottles of wine. I'd heard good things about Skaf, and was looking forward to seeing where it fit in among Glendale's kabob joints.

They stipulated: Different members of the Skaf family oversee the three Skaf stores: One in North Hollywood, one on Brand in Glendale (the newest location) and the one we visited, at Chevy Chase and Verdugo in Glendale. "The Skaf family is dedicated to maintaining fresh food and produce daily. Each restaurant has its own menu, tweaked for the area and for the customers who enjoy the food at each respected restaurant. All of the menu items are based on the same recipes and are made fresh daily with fresh ingredients, which are store bought before the restaurants opens each day. We only use the finest ingredients; most of which are direct from Lebanon."


What we ordered: cabbage salad ($6.50); hummus ($6); frog legs appetizer ($10); Shrimp kebab ($15); chicken kebab ($12)


High point: The kebabs were of a higher quality than some of our go-to (and cheaper) spots elsewhere in Glendale.

Low point: We tried the frogs legs on a lark, and maybe shouldn't have done that.


Overall impression: For atmosphere, you might want to try the Skaf's location on Brand. But if you're with kids, and/or want to BYOB (it's not technically legal, but they will look the other way), then the Chevy Chase location is perfect.


Chance we'll go back: Probably. It will never be our carry-out kebab choice (Elena's has that covered), but it beats the others when it comes to bringing the kids, or meeting other people with kids.

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TL said...

Sounds good. I've only tried the hole-in-the-wall Skaf's in NoHo. It was delicious.

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