Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Rate-A-Restaurant #294: Dynasty Big Bear

Dynasty Big Bear

Restaurant: Dynasty

Location: 40989 Big Bear Boulevard (Big Bear City)

Type of restaurant: Chinese

Dynasty Big Bear

We stipulated: Spending a few days up at Big Bear, where the restaurant pickings are slim, we were looking for a good Thai restaurant. They don't seem to exist there. So we went the Chinese route.

Dynasty Big Bear

They stipulated: "Authentic Chinese Szechuan Cuisine." Accepts reservations, walk-ins or carry out.

Dynasty Big Bear

What we ordered: Dumplings ($7.95); Eggplant Szechuan style ($8.95); Spicy Chili Pepper Chicken ($11.95); Steamed Fish Fillet in Thai-Style Lemon Sauce ($13.95)

Dynasty Big Bear

High point: The spicy pepper chicken was quite tasty.

Low point: The lack of service and the wait. We ordered for pickup. Arrived 20 minutes after ordering. Proceeded to wait ANOTHER HOUR for our food.

Dynasty Big Bear

Overall impression: The wait was absolutely ridiculous, and came with no apology or attempt to make it up to us. Ruined what might have otherwise been a good experience.

Chance we'll go back: Thankfully we don't like in Big Bear, as we'd probably have to return, just because there are few food options up there. But we don't, so we won't.

1 comment:

Will Campbell said...

An hour wait with no acknowledgment of such a massive and total fail!? The patience of saints, you two. I'd've bailed out after 14 minutes and 59 seconds -- perhaps tearing up a menu to shreds on my way out for emphasis. If I ever find myself up in Big Bear I'll consider scrounging the forest floor for berries and grubs before literally wasting my time on this place.

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