Thursday, September 05, 2013

This Is Why Local TV News Is A Joke: No More Sacramento Reporting


As LA Observed reported last week, Nannette Miranda -- the last local L.A. reporter on the scene in Sacramento -- has been laid off. Miranda had reported from the state capital for KABC/Los Angeles, KGO/San Francisco and KFSN/Fresno. "Was last out-of-town TV bureau standing," Miranda tweeted last week.

The local stations, of course, suddenly cared about Sacramento again when Schwarzenegger took the governorship and began his campaign to destroy the state. He's gone, and apparently, so is any interest in... well, all that boring important stuff going on in the capital. Hey look, car chase!

Is it too much to ask that in exchange for the right to broadcast over the public airwaves, our local TV stations give us some sort of real news? I love a car chase as much as the next guy, but how about balancing things out? No?

Writes Kevin Roderick at LA Observed:

Miranda began in December, 2003 as the Sacramento bureau chief for the ABC-owned stations in California. Well, she has gotten the word that the ABC stations are closing the Sacto bureau by October. She's out of a job. There are no other TV reporters from Los Angeles based in Sacramento that I know. The LA Times still has a large bureau there, though smaller than it used to be, and KPCC has Julie Small reporting from Northern California.

A veteran of two of the opposing sides in Sacramento — media and political staff — tells me that Miranda was a respected pro. "She was the last of the army of reporters sent in when Schwarzenegger landed in the Capitol 10 years ago. They’re all gone now."

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