Monday, October 07, 2013

Restaurant News: Atwater Crossing Back Open, Under New Management

Atwater Crossing

Just days after celebrating my birthday at Atwater Village's ATX by Kitchen 12000, the restaurant suddenly closed. And it's not the first kitchen casualty there; when we reviewed the space last year, it was Atwater Crossing.

It's a fantastic space, and perfect for young parents. Mom and dad get a great meal and drink, while the kids can run around and watch trains speed by from the safety of being on the other side of the fence. And yet, restaurants keep failing there.

Hopefully the new owners have cracked the code. The Atwater Crossing restaurant space is back open, and now known as The Crossing. I met the new owner yesterday, and he happened to live across the street from the space and reopened it as a labor of love. He has restaurant experience and says he knows what works for the space: Families, events and simplicity. And yes, the pizza's still there, along with a new Texas BBQ menu. We'll be visiting The Crossing soon and will give a full report.

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Anonymous said...

So I live down the street, and travel to the South on occasion. I think the following is important: TRY THE BRISKET. OMG SO GOOD.

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