Wednesday, November 06, 2013

MIKE ON RADIO: The Demise of Blockbuster Video


I was never a big fan of Blockbuster, and its closing doesn't hit me the same way the Tower Records, Borders Books and Virgin Megastore closings impacted me. Nonetheless, I think we lose something socially as record stores, book stores, video stores all disappear. And this is yet another reminder that the culture has changed, and people just don't consume media the way they used to -- for better and for worse. (I personally think we miss treating music and entertainment as works of art when we replace physical copies with downloads and streams that are easily deleted. But hey, I'm 40 now, so I guess I'm now one of those old guys who misses the "good ol days.") I spoke with KCRW today on what this means, particularly from a business and Hollywood point of view. (I'm halfway through this piece, following the LA Times' Paul Whitefield.)

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