Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rate-A-Restaurant #307: Sqirl LA

Squirl LA

Restaurant: Sqirl LA

Location: 720 N Virgil Ave (East Hollywood)

Type of restaurant: Breakfast/Cafe

Squirl LA

We stipulated: I pass by Sqirl LA's shop on Virgil almost every day on the way to work. And every day I say to myself, "I must stop there sometime for coffee and a bite for breakfast." Today was that day.

Squirl LA

They stipulated: "Long Beach-born jam-maker Jessica Koslow spent time working in pastry at the James Beard award-winning restaurant Bacchanalia in Atlanta, Georgia. When she returned to California, Jessica was attracted to the diversity of local produce – beautiful and honest snapshots of the state’s vigorous growing seasons. Her preserves are made without shortcuts. In order to maintain the brightness of the fruit a batch can take up to three days to produce. The results are meticulously crafted preserves that not only portray the wealth and diversity of California's crops and its generous seasons, but also remind us of the value in the antique process of preservation."

Squirl LA

What we ordered: Coffee and pudding cake

High point:  That pudding cake is fantastic. I'm giving in to the holidays and enjoying a few baked treats like this. No regrets. I licked the wrapper.

Low point: Parking's a bit tricky, given the traffic on Virgil in the morning. Just be patient, you'll find a spot.

Squirl LA

Overall impression: Great coffee, great selection of baked goods and an interesting, changing menu. Between Sqirl, Square One and Valerie's Confections all close by, this part of town is overflowing with great breakfast/brunch/lunch/coffee spots.

Will we return: Yes, to sit down and properly enjoy a meal.

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