Friday, February 21, 2014

Rate-A-Restaurant #311: Sticky Rice

Grand Central Market

Restaurant: Sticky Rice

Location: Grand Central Market: 317 S Broadway Ste C-4-5 (Downtown)

Type of restaurant: Thai

Grand Central Market

We stipulated: We were downtown for lunch recently, and decided to visit the Grand Central Market. We hadn't been to the legendary spot in a while, and wanted to see all the changes (including the addition of several upscale spots) we'd been hearing about.
They stipulated: The Thai food stand is among the new wave of eateries opening in the Grand Central Market as part of its overhaul.

Grand Central MarketGrand Central Market

What we ordered: Gai Yang (BBQ chicken, sticky rice, papaya) $10; Tom Yum Goong (spicy shrimp soup) $4

Grand Central Market

High point:  The Tom yum going soup was fantastic -- rich, and spicy to order. I love spicy. It was too much for Maria, but I liked that it made my eyes water.

Grand Central Market

Low point: My pet peeve: too much skin on the chicken.

Grand Central Market

Overall impression: A great addition to the Grand Central Market, and I love the feeling of a Thai street food stand like what you might find overseas. I think the Grand Central is doing a good job of keeping and honoring the traditional food stands while also bringing in a whole new generation to fill the empty stalls, like Sticky Rice, Eggslut and Valerie.

Will we return: It looks like their menu rotates, and I'd love to try their curry. (I didn't last time because only beef curry was on the menu that day.)


shannon said...

i've had the green vegetable curry and it is FANTASTIC.

tonyschmo said...

The Crying Tiger Steak is amazing as well.. amazing tenderness and very flavorful

Raul Borja said...

There can never be too much skin on chicken! So bad, but so good.

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