Monday, April 14, 2014

Good Finds -- and Spider-Man -- at the LA Times Festival of Books

Above: Crowd gathers at the USC stage toward the end of the day for one final performance.

It was Coachella weekend... but being the old fogies with kids we are, it was much easier to hit USC for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books instead. We weren't at festival for long on Saturday, but it was long enough to pick up a couple of new books for the blogger kids, plus a new L.A.-centric book from Angel City Press: Los Angeles Union Station: Tracks to the Future.

Union Station

Union Station, of course, means something extra special to us, having been married there. But as you've seen over there, the allure is strong for many others as well. This book (by William Bradley) is a fantastic tribute to the 1939 building, the last of America's great train stations. It isn't officially released until next month, but it was great to get an early copy.


The Blogger Toddler 2.0 poses by the Hi De Ho comics booth after spotting Spider-Man on their sign.

Speaking of Spider-Man, is he now a USC student?

Spotted among the art booths at the festival.

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