Wednesday, April 30, 2014

L.A. Snapshots: The William Mulholland Fountain


William Mulholland's career ended in disgrace in 1928 after the St. Francis Dam collapse. But Mulholland remains one of, if not *the*, most important players in Los Angeles history. He oversaw the construction of Los Angeles Aqueduct, which brought Owens Valley water to the Valley, which, of course, helped turn Los Angeles into the metropolis it is today.

Mulholland is memorialized with this fountain, located across from Griffith Park at Los Feliz and Riverside. It's one of the most popular places in L.A. to take wedding photos (indeed, a wedding party was snapping pics when we rode our bikes there on Saturday) and was recently renovated in time for the 100th anniversay of the aqueduct. More pics:

DWP promises "pure, clean tap water."

Mulholland's famous words, opening the aqueduct: "There it is. Take it."

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Cosmina Sopankis said...

FYI... It's not "tap" water... TAP is The Technical Assistance Program, which is a financial incentive program that offers up to $250,000 for the installation of equipment and/or products that save water. The water fountain is an example and can be found in most city facilities.

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