Sunday, April 20, 2014

Scenes from Wondercon: TV Guide Magazine's Showrunner Panel; TNT Panel; More


It's becoming an Easter Eve tradition: Heading down to Anaheim on the Saturday of Wondercon to moderate TV Guide Magazine's "Fan Favorites Showrunner" panel. And we had a good one this year, with folks from all walks of the TV landscape: Comedy, animation, comic book adaptations, thrillers, sci-fi, more.


Panelists included Steve Callaghan (Family Guy), Chris Carter (The X-Files), Marc Guggenheim (Arrow), Andrew Kreisberg (Arrow), Steven Molaro (The Big Bang Theory) and Rockne S. O'Bannon (Revolution), as well as Jane Espenson (Once Upon a Time) and John Rogers (Leverage).


We discussed a wide range of topics, from why so many major characters are being killed on TV (Callaghan gave the back story on Brian's short-lived death on "Family Guy") to how and when show runners have fights with fans on Twitter.


As part of the panel, we also screened "Showrunners," directed by Des Doyle, which spotlights the creative forces responsible for overseeing every element of production on television's most popular dramas and comedies.


Here's me with the panel, backstage before it began. I was excited to finally meet many of the folks on these panels I didn't know, including Jane Espenson, "Arrow's" Kreisberg and Guggenheim, and John Rogers, who it turns out is a former comedian.


Thanks to Geraldine Agoncillo for taking all of these great photos for TV Guide Magazine.


Also: Thanks to my colleague Rich Sands, who organized the panel and made it happen.


Earlier in the day, I also moderated the panel for TNT's upcoming thriller "Legends." Stars Sean Bean, Ali Larter, Tina Majorino and Morris Chestnut plus executive producer David Wilcox were there. Yes, we made many jokes about whether Sean's character will survive season 1. Low-hanging fruit.

The scene outside the Anaheim Convention Center. I like the fact that it's not nearly as hectic or crowded as San Diego Comic-Con. The floor this year did feel bigger however, and I think it will continue to grow as the convention that takes place right before the summer movie season starts.

Fake Michonne.

Sugar Frosted Fat, they're gr-r-rooooss!

Yeah, the nut jobs were out in full force.

Wackiest booth might go to "The Room," the low-budget movie that still has a weird cult following.

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