Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rate-A-Restaurant #321: Shark Pit (Maui)

Maui tacos

Restaurant: Shark Pit

Location: 4482 Lower Honoapiilani Hwy (Lahaina, Maui)

Type of restaurant: Tacos

We stipulated: While on vacation, looking for a quick but tasty lunch before an afternoon at the beach.

Maui tacos

They stipulated: "While other food trucks on Maui may focus on mobility, price, and quick food, Da Shark Pit focuses on bringing you great tasting high quality food. Because we have built strong relationships with local farmers and fisherman, the quality of our food is always exceptional. In addition to Ono Grindz (great tasting food), our goal is to make sure the food you get at Da Pit is good for you, too."

Maui tacos

What we ordered: Kabayaki Chicken Meatball & Portuguese Sausage Taco plus a Spicy Shrimp Taco (with Tropical chipotle, house slaw, Korean aioli and Sriracha) --both pictured above, $12; Kalbi Burger (on taro bun, $9); Kalbi ground beef tacos, $8

Maui tacos

High point:  The taro bun was a nice touch on the burger. And the chicken meatball/portuguese sausage mix was a unique, tasty idea for a taco.

Maui tacos

Overall impression: There are a lot of fish taco joints on Maui, particularly around Lahaina. But let's face it, we're not hurting for the taste of a fish taco here in SoCal. Shark Pit offers a tasty island twist on tacos, and worth a visit (even if it's a bit on the pricy side).

Will we return: If we were back on Maui, especially on that part of the island.

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