Friday, September 26, 2014

What's The Real Dividing Line Between Silver Lake and Echo Park?


In an early episode of Amazon's "Transparent," a character tells Josh (Jay Duplass) that she doesn't even know the dividing line between Silver Lake and Echo Park. "Rampart," Josh says in passing, almost dismissively.

Is that true? Is Rampart the dividing line between Silver Lake and Echo Park? According to Google Maps, the boundary is more complicated:

Silver Lake

What say you, hipsters?


Jovelle said...

Per the Echo Park Historical Society, here are the boundaries:

Western Boundary
Benton Way or Waterloo Street. - Glendale Blvd. - Allesandro St.

Northern Boundary
Riverside Drive

Eastern Boundary
Border with Elysian Park (north of Sunset Blvd)
Boylston St. (south of Sunset Blvd.)

Southern Boundary
Beverly Boulevard

Anonymous said...

Jovelle has it more right.

Rampart barely even goes up to Silverlake :)

Echo Park Forums

RLange said...

That TV writer has probably never been east of La Brea.

Anonymous said...

LOL the line on the google map is very similar to the boundary between the Echo Park/Elysian Neighborhood Council and the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council. Is the question really that hard?

Josh K-sky said...

RLange, wrong TV writer. Google Jill Soloway Eastside and be enlightened.

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