Friday, October 17, 2014

MIKE ON KCRW: Curb Your Enthusiasm for HBO's and CBS' New Services

Are HBO's and CBS' new over-the-top digital services a revolution? Perhaps. And the world of program access is definitely changing. But that doesn't mean you're ultimately not going to be spending about as much as you do now on TV -- you're just going to be allocating that money a bit differently (when and if you "cut the cord," that is).

On Thursday's edition of KCRW's Hollywood Breakdown, Kim Masters and I discuss what it all might mean (or might not -- no one knows yet). A synopsis:
The TV landscape continues to shift and change, as evidenced by major changes announced by HBO and CBS this week. For those who love HBO but hate paying for all the other cable channels they never watch, there will soon be another option. HBO will be offering an online subscription service that will give access to HBO content without requiring a cable package. But the exact details--how much content will be available and how much it will cost--are yet to be revealed. And not to be left behind, traditional broadcast network CBS will also be offering a subscription web service, one that is already available now in several markets. These changes are not only a response to cord cutters--people who get rid of cable all together, but also to calls for cable offerings to be "unbundled" or be made available on an a la carte basis.

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