Tuesday, October 28, 2014

MIKE ON KCRW: World Series on "Press Play" and InternGate on "The Business"

On this Monday's edition of Press Play with Madeleine Brand, Sarah Mesle of the Los Angeles Review of Books and I discuss the World Series, TV's first cancellation and new late night host James Corden. A brief logline:
The Giants took the lead over Kansas City in the World Series yesterday. But if you’re like most Americans, you probably didn’t see it. According to ratings, people are far more interested in football and The Walking Dead than baseball these days. We hear about that and other small screen news in our weekly television roundup.

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KCRW Press Play

Then, on Monday's edition of The Business, Kim Masters and I banter about:
- NBCUniversal settles with former ‘SNL’ interns, while other cases involving claims from unpaid interns at places like Sony and Fox still remain up in the air.
- There’s been no breakout success in this fall TV season, but in an unusual move, nothing’s been cancelled either. (Shortly after recording this week's conversation, there was one cancellation: ABC pulled the plug on Manhattan Love Story.)
- For new ideas, TV is turning to adaptations of old movies.

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