Monday, October 13, 2014

Rate-A-Restaurant #329: Shaka Shack Burger (Santa Monica)

Shaka burger

Restaurant: Shaka Shack Burgers

Location: 1701 Ocean Park Blvd. (Santa Monica)

Type of restaurant: Burgers

Shaka burger

We stipulated: I was in Santa Monica to record at KCRW, so Maria came out and met me for lunch. Scanning close-by lunch spots, we noticed Shaka Shack had received decent reviews on Yelp.

They stipulated: "Owners, and eclectic couple, Michael Anapol and Kathie Gibboney, are keeping the aloha spirit alive by bringing their own special spirit to the neighborhood. Anapol grew up just west of the Shack, surfing and playing volleyball at Bay St. and State Beach. In support of his beach habit he began working in some of L.A.s finest restaurants and soon developed a passion for good food and pride in good service. He even married a chef, innovative Lisa Stalvey, who further schooled him. Although divorced, they remain good friends and working partners, having even competed together on NBC’s restaurant reality show, The Chopping Block, where they progressed to finalists."

Shaka burger

What we ordered: Mike: Samoan Salmon (1/3 pd. Alaskan salmon patty, avocado, soy mayo, sweet pickle relish, red onion, baby greens) $9.95; Maria: Shaka Royale (1/3 lb. Angus patty, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickles) $7.50

Shaka burger

High point:  Salmon burgers can be hit and miss, but this one was a real winner, featuring nice dill flavoring.

Low point:  Maria liked the sweet potato fries, but I thought they tasted too greasy.

Shaka burger

Overall impression: Sometimes you want a sloppy, juicy, dripping burger, and the Shaka experience succeeded on that note. On the downside, there's a small staff, so you may be waiting a while for your order. If you're in a hurry for lunch, it's probably not the best place to visit for a fast bite. Especially since parking is also problematic.

Will we return: I'm in Santa Monica all the time, so perhaps, if I happen to have enough time.

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