Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rate-A-Restaurant #332: Urban Pie


Restaurant: Urban Pie

Location: Mobile food unit (various)

Type of restaurant: Pizza


We stipulated: The Blogger Kids' school held a major fall festival/fundraising event in Elysian Park last month, and several food vendors took part. But I bypassed the empanadas, the tacos and other stands because I'm a sucker for mobile wood-burning pizza ovens.

They stipulated: "We use an all natural yeast, not a commercial starter that we have been feeding for the past 30 years. We really have an unwavering commitment to seasonality and local foods. You can feel good that by supporting us you support small businesses and families, while eating good food that is at it's peak of season and nutritional value."

What we ordered: Sausage, kale and shishito pepper pizza ($10)

High point:  Love the idea of mixing sausage, kale and shishito peppers together. And the crust was fantastic.

Low point:  Not enough peppers. I need to feel the spice.

Overall impression: Great addition to the school festival.

Will we return: I wouldn't mind trying more of their pizzas.


Longwell Kort said...

Unlike many other venues I researched, these guys were willing to be flexible in order to make our dream of best team building activities a reality.

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