Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Visit to a Survivor: Claremont's Rhino Records Celebrates its 40th


Back in the 1990s I used to frequent the Rhino Records store in Westwood, particularly for its regular parking lot sales (in which CDs were just $1 each). The store was owned by Richard Foos, who also had founded the Rhino label -- although the two were completely separate. (Warner Music eventually bought Rhino, but Foos still owned the store.)

But that wasn't the only Rhino Records around. Foos had also owned a store in Claremont, but sold it off way back in 1976. That store kept the "Rhino" name though -- so when Foos decided to shut down the Westwood store in 2006, it didn't impact the Claremont store, which still exists.

We happened to be in the Pomona area a few weeks ago and decided to visit the Claremont Village area, where Rhino Records store is located. I couldn't resist. So I brought the kids and Maria -- who, as you know, worked for several years at the Rhino label as a designer -- and we finally checked it out. I wound up buying several 45s at $1 each.


Support your local independent music store this holiday season! They are a dying breed. Here's a bit more history about Rhino Claremont, which just hit its 40th anniversary. David Allen writes:

Mark Leviton, a friend of Rhino founder Richard Foos, opened the Claremont store in October 1974 under Foos’ ownership.

Foos sold the Claremont store in 1976 and it continues as an independent operation today, with no connection to the record label of the same name, which was also founded by Foos. It remains there today, thriving as the only full-service indie music store in the Inland Valley.

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