Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Snow Day at the Los Angeles Zoo


You gotta hand it to the marketing team at the Los Angeles Zoo. Their occasional events are always a hit with the crowds -- such a hit that it causes traffic jams on the 5 freeway, and there's never enough parking for the crowds. But I hope that means it's keeping the zoo in firm financial shape -- there were a lot of people there this Sunday, just as there was the last time I visited, in November for the LA Zoo Lights display.

This time I took the Blogger Kid 2.0 to Snow Days at the LA Zoo, and I must say, the crowds and the long lines were a big turn off. But the most important thing was this: The Blogger Kid 2.0 had a great time.


Yeah, I quietly grumbled about playing in brown snow (and how it was more ice than snow) but The Blogger Kid 2.0 still found it a treat to touch the stuff -- after all, even though we make it up to Big Bear or the Angeles Crest Forest once or twice a year, the whole idea of "snow" is still exotic to him.


Snow play was limited to five minutes, which didn't seem like much time after waiting in line for a long time in the hot sun... but it turns out it was the right amount.


Highlights also included ice sculptures (above), and perhaps the coolest part, snow in some of the animal exhibits (including the tiger, at top). I love how the tiger is keeping shade in his hut, not paying much mind to the cold stuff around him.

I love the LA zoo, but I do hate crowds and traffic. The best advice is to get to special zoo events super early, and you'll have a good time. Or -- most importantly -- your kids will.

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