Monday, January 05, 2015

The Walt Disney Diet: Spam, A Lot of Gravy and Light on the Veggies


In November we visited the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco; it's worth a visit, and the Blogger Kids enjoyed making an stop-motion movie and also seeing features like a huge model replica of Disneyland.

One of the random interesting items I spied was a sheet written by Walt Disney, who was asked to jot down his favorite foods. Here they are:

Chicken fry cube steak
Roast lamb — potatoes and gravy
Pan fried chicken with potatoes and gravy
Roast chicken with dressing and gravy
Spam and eggs with biscuits and honey
Oyster stew with crackers and cheese
Breaded veal cutlets with bread and gravy
Chasen’s chili and beans

Note: Only one vegetable with meals — corn, canned peas, leaf spimach, stewed tomatoes, etc.

Carrot and raisins
Tomatoes and cucumber
Chef’s salad

Jello — all flavors, with pieces of fruit
Diet custards
Pineapple — fresh or canned
Fruit — fresh or canned
Spam! And wow, did that guy like gravy. Below, here's that Disneyland scale model:


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