Sunday, March 01, 2015

Rate-A-Restaurant #339: Eden Burger Bar (Glendale)

Eden Burger

Restaurant: Eden Burger Bar

Location: 333 1/2 N Verdugo Rd. (Glendale)

Type of restaurant: Hamburgers

Eden Burger

We stipulated: Maria had been raving about her visits to Eden Burger, but I hadn't had a chance to check it out. (Plus, I gotta be honest, the promise of a great burger doesn't excite me the way it does others. I've had good burgers already, could Eden really be any better?)

They stipulated: Eden Burger's wide-ranging menu also includes gourmet hot dogs, pizzas and sides.

Eden Burger

What we ordered: Fig burger (fig, sun-dried tomato, crispy prosciutto flakes, arugula, lemon basil aioli, fig and olive tapenade -- I got it without cheese) $12; Firehouse (jalapeno bacon, giardiniera, field tomato, habanero jack, avocado mayo) $11; bistro fries with spicy ketchup

Eden Burger

High point:  Love the jalapeƱo ketchup for the fries, and the fig and sundried tomato mesh nicely with the burger.

Eden Burger

Low point:  No turkey burger option! What's the deal with that?

Eden Burger

Overall impression: Juicy burgers, and a true decadent meal. But the decor is terrible, like walking into a 1980s timewarp. Why go with the gourmet burger concept yet decorate the restaurant like it's straight out of a Miami Vice episode?

Eden Burger

Will we return: Absolutely.


benilhalk said...

Couple of my friends went to Eden Bar last month and they told that hamburgers there were simply amazing. When I asked them to compare which of Boston restaurants would serve the same quality then they simply told none. Now I am wondering what’s being served there!!

Narasiman Ramachandran said...

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