Friday, May 22, 2015

Why Do We Love Car Chases? It's Live Reality TV


Is it possible that our silly Los Angeles car pursuits are getting better and better? Coverage of them is totally ridiculous and unwarranted, and I'm embarrassed to be so enthralled with them. And yet... the compelling question of How will it end? is enough to keep us glued to the screen. Today's pursuit, down Ventura in the Valley, was no exception.


A slow speed chase, featuring a man in a car with a sign that read "Victory Parade." As he inched down Ventura, he waved at pedestrians and took his time, as LAPD crawled behind him.


Finally, a man jumped into the street, stood in front of the car--forcing him to stop. The man then grabbed the driver, stuck him on the hood of a LAPD cruiser... and both guys promptly got arrested. It's live reality TV.

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