Friday, July 17, 2015

KCRW's THE SPIN-OFF: Comic-Con Recap, Plus Banning TV's Pariahs

On the latest edition of KCRW's The Spin-Off, Joe and I are joined by Give Me My Remote's Marisa Roffman:
Mike and Marisa Roffman are just back from this year's Comic-Con, while Joe opted to once again take it all in from a distance. The gathering has evolved over the years, and while it can still be a great place for genre shows to connect with fans, the convention does have its downsides. For shows, it's expensive to stop production and fly their cast out to San Diego. But if they don't go, they run the risk of media-savvy fans throwing a digital fit. And from the perspective of someone covering the event, it's tough to get any actual news from Comic-Con. The focus seems to have shifted to primarily debuting trailers and sharing some casting news, although even those announcements are increasingly made before the panel discussions and presentations themselves.

Also, It's been a news-filled summer, and a lot of that news has meant networks have had to decide what to do about shows connected to problematic people like Bill Cosby or Donald Trump. Dukes of Hazzard also disappeared from TV Land because of the Confederate flag painted on top of the famous car, the General Lee. Was it necessarily to pull the whole show, or could there have been a way to digitally remove the flag from the car?

Finally, gone are the days when summer was the time to catch up on TV shows you missed last fall. A batch of new, critically acclaimed shows like UnReal, Humans and Mr. Robot are filling the void instead.

Listen below!


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