Sunday, August 02, 2015

Rate-A-Restaurant #349: Furious Spoon Ramen (Chicago)

Furious Spoon ramen

Restaurant: Furious Spoon Ramen

Location: 1571 N. Milwaukee Ave. (Chicago)

Type of restaurant: Ramen

Furious Spoon ramen

We stipulated: We were meeting a few of Maria's high school friends, and first walking down the new "606" elevated park. After looking at restaurants in nearby Wicker Park, Furious Ramen sounded the most kid-friendly (and a nice change from everything else we were eating in Chicago).

Furious Spoon ramen

They stipulated: Cold ramen, hot ramen, add-on toppings.

Furious Spoon ramen

What we ordered: Maria: "Furious Ramen": spicy miso, chashu pork belly, white pepper chicken, poached egg, marinated mushrooms, garlic relish, fury sauce ($12.45); Mike: "Chicken Shio Ramen": white pepper chicken, naruto, bamboo, fury sauce ($9.75 + 75 cents for the fury sauce); kids: Shared another chicken ramen, without the fury sauce.

High point:  The chicken had a great flavor and the ramen was a perfect size -- big for tremendous appetite, or perfect to split and share.

Low point:  Not the best place for a big group, as it's a loud spot, which made it a bit hard to carry on conversation.

Furious Spoon ramen

Overall impression: It was my favorite meal of our Chicago trip. Highly recommended.

Will we return: If back in Chicago, yes.

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