Sunday, August 09, 2015

Rate-A-Restaurant #350: Frango Cafe (Chicago)

Frango cafe

Restaurant: Frango Cafe

Location: 111 N State Street (Chicago)

Frango cafe

Type of restaurant: Sandwiches/Ice Cream

Frango cafe

We stipulated: A friend suggested that during our time in Chicago we visit the Frango Cafe at the State Street Macy's (R.I.P. Marshall Fields) to get a taste of the Frango mint ice cream.

They stipulated: This is one of the few, if any, retailers that sell Frango ice cream. Per Metromix: "Chicago shopping devotees who remember Marshall Field's Crystal Palace gleefully recall an old-fashioned ice-cream parlor and soda fountain that provided frosty shopping respite. The Crystal Palace may be history, but its heart is alive in the Frango Cafe, a restaurant and ice-cream counter that shares the seventh floor at Macy's with the Seven on State food court and the Walnut Room. The enclosed seating area allows a bit more room to spread out than the food court. The shakes and sundaes are still on the menu, along with a selection of salads and sandwiches."

Frango cafe

What we ordered: Ice cream cones, of course! (Small $1.95, Large $2.95).

Frango cafe

High point:  When they ran out of ice cream before my sister could get a cone, they offered her a slice of Frango pie ($5.95 value) for free.

Low point:  Limited hours. We had visited Macy's a few days earlier to try the Frango ice cream, but we were there too late in the afternoon.

Overall impression: Still not ready to forgive Macy's for eliminating iconic brands like Marshall Field's. But the Frango mint ice cream helps. Now, if they would only make it available in more spots!

Will we return: Absolutely.

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