Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Press Release of the Day: Celebrating a 7-Year-Old's $12,000 Watch

Press Release of the Day

Here's the kind of press release that just makes you hit your head against the wall. (And this is from the same day I also received a press release from Meow Mix for the "2016 Cat Oscars"):

Rapper, Fabolous Surprises Son with Rolex Watch from Rafaello & Co.

NEW YORK, NY - December 29, 2015 // When big celebs like JayZ, Rick Ross and J.Cole are looking for flawless stones, they turn to Gabe Jacobs of Rafaello & Co. So it is no surprise that when the Young OG, Fabolous was shopping for Christmas gifts, he went to Rafaello & Co. to get some custom bling.

On Friday, December 25th the rapper posted a photo of his 7-year old son, Johan wearing a perfectly fit, 26mm 18K yellow-gold Presidential Rolex watch, with a diamond dial on his wrist. The caption read,"These kids wear crowns over here...Dab #PrinceJoso #TrueKingsRaiseNewKings". But that is not all, Fab wanted the young king to have options, so he also bought him a two-tone date Rolex with a black diamond dial. The hip hop legend purchased four Rolex watches in total from Rafaello & Co. (2 for himself and 2 for his son), ringing in at over fifty thousand dollars! How's that for life in the Fab lane? That's some serious holiday bling!

Stop it.

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