Friday, August 05, 2016

Rate-A-Restaurant #372: Stickhouse (Santa Monica)

Stick house

Restaurant: Stickhouse

Location: 223 Broadway (Santa Monica)

Type of restaurant: Dessert (Gelato)

Stick house

We stipulated: After taking a journey on the Metro Expo line to Santa Monica, we wanted an ice cream treat. We walked by Stickhouse -- and the concept was intriguing enough (unique gelato flavors on a stick!) that we walked in.

Stick house

They stipulated: "A carefully considerated but simple idea: what about putting freshly made artisan gelato on a stick? Such a goal was finally achieved in 2006 with patented automatic machine which produces a high quality artisan gelato on a stick according to the best Italian tradition: daily made with genuine ingredients. A great tradition has been reinvented thanks to Italian creativity and technology, and in 2009 a new franchising project was born: Stickhouse."

Stick house

What we ordered: Mike: Banana gelato with white chocolate; Maria: mint gelato with chocolate; Evan: Banana gelato with chocolate; Nathan: Mint chocolate gelato with chocolate. All $4.50 each.
Stick house

High point:  The gelato was indeed tasty -- rich, but not too rich -- and we loved the variety of flavor choices.

Low point:  A lot of menu items weren't available -- including the "Cupido" (sorbetto on the outside, gelato on the inside), which I would have bought.

Stick house

Overall impression: In hindsight, I wouldn't have dipped my gelato in chocolate. It was fine, but it took away from the gelato flavor. (Plus, it was unnecessary extra calories.) But they didn't even give the option.

Will we return: Quite possibly. Stickhouse's Santa Monica location is the only one so far in the United States (it's mostly overseas), but another is opening soon in Hollywood.

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