Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rate-A-Restaurant #374: Bengees (Pasadena)

Bengees ice cream

Restaurant: Bengees Ice Cream Crafters

Location: 901 E Del Mar Blvd (Pasadena)

Bengees ice cream

Type of restaurant: Dessert (Ice Cream)

Bengees ice cream

We stipulated: Maria and I had just finished watching a movie in Pasadena, and had a bit of time to spare before we had to pick up the boys. The answer? Ice cream. I searched for a spot in Pasadena, and Bengees looked promising.

Bengees ice cream

They stipulated: "Treat yo' self." Bengees offers a rotating mix of flavors, including several vegan choices. Also cronut ice cream sandwiches and a toasted marshmallow topping option

Bengees ice cream

What we ordered: Mike: Scoop of churro ice cream, $3.50; Maria: English toffee ice cream, $3.50
Bengees ice cream

High point:  Nice choice of flavors, and free samples.

Low point:  The flavors were ultimately just OK, but not exceptional.

Overall impression: Go for the signature items -- the cronut ice cream sandwich or the toasted marshmallow topping. Otherwise, it's just another ice cream shop.

Will we return: Not sure. There are many ice cream joints popping up all the time, and not sure Bengees made enough of an impression to be back.

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