Monday, December 18, 2017

Santa and Jacks: How Our Dog Met Jolly Old Saint Nick

We haven't written much here about our dog Jacks -- partly because we've been too busy to write about anything lately. But the bichon/poodle mix has been a part of our family since October 2016, which is pretty surprising given that I didn't grow up with a pet and had no interest/desire to have one now. But the Blogger boys wore me down, and when we met Jacks via a rescue service a little over a year ago, it just felt right. He was the perfect size for our tiny house, super mellow, house trained, and even hypoallergenic. How could we say no? Now, I couldn't imagine our home without him. 

Recently, our neighborhood had a Christmas carol event, and Santa was there to visit with the kids. We brought Jacks along, and Santa asked to see our little dog. They quickly bonded. I have a feeling Jacks will have a few extra treats in his stocking this year.

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