Sunday, January 21, 2018

Scenes From The Women's March 2018 In Downtown Los Angeles

We had to miss last year's Women's March, as I was flying to the Sundance Film Festival that day. With no Sundance for me this year, we weren't going to miss it again. Maria, the Blogger Kid 2.0 and I all donned our "Feminist" t-shirts (thanks to "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee"), the kid made a sign ("Women and Immigrants Make America Great"), and we took the Metro Gold Line from Highland Park to Little Tokyo.

And what we saw was as inspiring as we hoped. Women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Amazing young girls marching together, chanting. Men and boys showing their support. People of all walks of life marching together. Some highlights:

These girls may have been our favorite of the entire march.

"Worst 'Black Mirror' ever."

Good use of cheetos.

More amazing young women.

Loved seeing this female cop talking to these young girls about using their voices.

Another great scene: Women with "Love Trumps Hate" signs surround a few awful hatemongers in the crowd.

Ten more months. Ten more months.

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