Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Heartbreak at the Coliseum: That Was Not The Best Rams Game To Witness In Person

After a dominant Los Angeles Rams season — and talk of the Super Bowl — we finally got to enjoy our first game at the Coliseum this season on Sunday night. Oops. In front of a packed house, the Rams fell way behind the Philadelphia Eagles in the third quarter — only to rally back in the fourth. A few costly mistakes, and what could have been a great comeback failed to materialize.

The crowd was pumped for the Sunday Night Football game (alas, the second in a row lost by the Rams) — and although the Eagles fans were out in full force, the Rams were well represented inside the packed Coliseum. What a difference a winning team and a championship contender brings — the L.A. fans are back. The "WHOSE HOUSE? RAMS HOUSE!" chant is real.

Unfortunately, as much as I love the history of the Coliseum, the stadium, built in 1923, is ill-equipped to handle modern crowds. USC, which operates the stadium, is currently renovating the Coliseum, but that has made it tough to get inside and get around. The Coliseum once sat more than 100,000 people — but the crowd has now been capped at 70,000. That helps — but it's still a lengthy process to just get inside. And especially tough when you have kids in the crowd of people pushing to get in. (And then there was that woman who decided to light up a joint in front of our kids before quickly moving away when she saw us. Good times.)

Despite the unfortunate loss, it was still a great experience, especially for the Franklin Avenue blogger kids. They particularly got a kick out of the passionate fans, including while waiting to get in — as Eagles fans would chant, followed by Rams fans' response. 

Meanwhile, the LA Stadium at Hollywood Park is well underway, and projected to open in 2020. A few more pics from the Coliseum on Sunday night:

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