Saturday, October 5, 2019

Rate-A-Restaurant #387: Fritzi Coop (Fairfax/Beverly/3rd)

Restaurant: Fritzi Coop

Location: Farmers Market (Fairfax/Beverly/3rd)

Type of restaurant: Chicken sandwiches

We stipulated: With my parents in town, we found ourselves at the Farmers Market — and Fritzi Coop was one of the food options to try.

They stipulated: "From culinary mastermind, Neal Fraser, Fritzi Coop is the can’t-miss fried chicken destination at The Original Farmer’s Market & SteelCraft in Bellflower. Our philosophy is a simple one: We use the highest quality ingredients paired with delicious, bold flavors, from our signature plates to our salads and sandwiches. You’ll find no better chicken on the planet!"

What we ordered: Fritzi Hot Chicken ("our classic fried chicken with serious Fritzi heat, spicy slaw and sliced pickles"); bold classic ("buttermilk fried chicken with house-made pimento cheese, lettuce, tomato and sliced pickles"); tots

High point:  Hot chicken sandwich was good, although messy.

Overall impression: I'm ashamed to say we haven't had Howlin' Rays yet, because that line is still too crazy, and I lack the patience. Fritzi's was good... but I'm still looking for the perfect, hot chicken sandwich.

Will we return:  It's fine enough, and if I find myself at the Farmers Market again, I will try it -- and ask for it to be spicier.

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