Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday Night Quarantine BBQ

Scenes from a pandemic quarantine... Saturday night is now outdoor barbecue and fire pit time (which usually means s'mores for the kids). It's another way we mark each week of this at-home experience. And also a good opportunity to take advantage of our new grill, which we got just a month or so before everything went down. Below, for posterity's sake, I'll continue to keep a tally of our weekly eats. We're not grill masters, but we do like to eat.

March 21: Turkey burgers and sausages
March 28: Fresh salmon and hot dogs
April 4: Pollo asado
April 11: Chorizo burger and regular burgers
April 18: Pizza (Two: Pepperoni and sausage/artichoke/sun dried tomato/spinach/peppers)
April 25: Sausages and hot dogs
May 2: Marinated chicken and pork

May 9: Fresh salmon and hot dogs
May 16: Sausages and hot dogs
May 23: Grilled pizza

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