Sunday, November 29, 2020

'Stranger Things' Drive-Into Experience Immerses You Fully into the Show's Full 80s Mystery

We weren't sure what to expect when we signed up to attend the "Stranger Things" Drive-Into Experience, now taking place downtown at the Row DTLA. The parking lot and parking garage next to the building doubles as the lot for Starcourt Mall and the Hawkins High School 1985 reunion. If that means nothing to you, then you're not a "Stranger Things" fan. But if it does, the immersive experience will bring you back to the events of "Stranger Things" Season 3, including the opening of the Starcourt Mall, the falling out between Eleven and Mike, the transformation of Billy, "Neverending Story," Russians and more.

Per the press release: "The show, which runs just over an hour, provides an epic journey through key moments across the first three seasons of Stranger Things, including Starcourt Mall, Russian labs and the Upside Down, where you’ll drive from scene to scene as the story unfolds from all sides. Get ready for mind-blowing sensory surprises that blur the line between reality and fantasy, encounters with characters from the show, and new music from Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, the series’ composers, developed specifically for the experience."

In this COVID age, where every event now takes place via the car (think of all the drive-through Halloween attractions), this is what now passes for experiential events. In the case of the "Stranger Things" Drive-Into Experience, it works. Especially in the beginning, as the Hawkins High reunion party/Starcourt Mall opening allows for plenty of interaction between people in cars and the DJ on stage — and with the performers on site, dressed and playing the role of "Stranger Things" characters. (A tip: They recommend you dress in your 80s finest before showing up -- and there's a reason for that.) Secrets abound -- they request we don't post photos we take on site, and instead offered these shots. And there are certain things that happen that I can't tell you about -- including more backstory that will inform what you know about the fate of our favorite characters as we head into Season 4. A few more pics:

Go here for more information, and here for more information.

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