Sunday, October 24, 2004

Sofa, So Good

Tip time... Maria and I have been hunting for weeks for a new sofa, checking out the Macy's Furniture Outlet in Highland Park and the Wickes Furniture closeouts in Van Nuys.

Unfortunately, the couches there were either not what we were looking for -- or they were exactly what we wanted, but sported rips and tears or were missing a key pillow.

At the same time, were also took several trips to IdentityCraft for a look. IdentityCraft is one of those no-frills furniture stores that build custom-made items that look and feel identical to what you can find in a Pottery Barn or Z Gallerie -- but at a much lower price.

During one of our visits to the IdentityCraft showroom (in Van Nuys), we added our name to their mailing list. As a result, we received a postcard in the mail last week, announcing IdentityCraft's first-ever sample sale, held at their warehouse in Vernon. (Vernon? It's a city populated mostly by warehouses, south of downtown.)

It was at the warehouse that we found a sofa. And an ottoman. And a new dresser. Yes, we went a little crazy. But the deals were decent. (Except on sectional sofas, which, for some reason, were still marked a little too high for our taste.)

While picking up our ottoman, one of the warehouse workers told us we had just missed Jenny McCarthy. Apparently the mid-90s icon was first in the door at 11 a.m., ran through the aisles pointing at the things she wanted (I want that! And that! And that!), then paid and slid out.

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