Monday, October 25, 2004

Who Wants To Name Our Baby? Week Seven

We took a week off last week... but no, we still haven't figured out the name of Little Schneider. So the name game continues!

First, a sampling of the latest comments:

i'm actually participating in your name our baby contest because apparently i have too much free time on my hands.

i'd lose alexander and matthew. both too simple and plain. both boring.

my favorite of your list so far is Evan. i think that has a nice ring to it. (and ryan of course, is always a good name)

as for new suggestions, how about nathan? Nathan Michael Schneider has a nice ring to it. that's all i got. boy names are so much harder than girl names!

excellent! keep!
Alexander Michael Schneider
Jack Michael Schneider

A colleage and I were just talking about what a great name Jack is. Love Jack.

And two highly unlikely suggestions:

Ernest Michael Schneider
Warren Michael Schneider

3 friends of mine have had babies since July, all boys: Paul, Oliver, and Rex. Those are the kind of kids he'll be at kindergarten with. Or starting a rock band.

voting off Ryan and Evan

suggesting Patrick and Gabriel.

I know I suggested Jacob last week -- and I still like it -- but I just found out it is the most popular boy's name for 3 years running. Yikes! I had no idea.

Again, I vote against Evan. If you don't kick the name off your list, I'm going to have to come up with my own nickname for your kid. I also vote against Jack because it's too boring and monosyllabic.

New names:
Did you have James on there before? I like that. A boy I had a crush on for half my teen life was named James. How about Dean for a first name? Or Seth! I have a bad high school association w/that name, but then there's Seth/Adam Brody! Um, and, I once knew a super cute guy named Bryson.

Vote off:

Vote on:

Yeah, I know its more than 2 names but you guys seem like you need more inspiration.

ok lose evan & ryan


I know I'm late to the game, but howz about we get rid of Jack, because it is a little too four-years-ago-trendy and Alex reminds me of some chumpy know-it-all.

I'm getting the impression that you're looking for something on the 'normal' side - not Bacchus or Kerouac or Vishnu anything like that. So, what about some simple names that happen to sound lovely with Schneider? My suggestions:

Christian Michael Schneider
Donovan Michael Schneider

Night and day, I'm thinking on this...

(I do like Ryan as well. Your first instinct on Ryan, (or was it Evan) is probably the one you'll end up with!)

You *have* to go with Ryan Michael Schneider. C'mon! None of the others come close. Ryan is a name for an '04 baby. Alexander, Jack and Matthew aren't. Evan is...that's a drinking water from France, isn't it? Oh wait, that's Evian. Evian is a better name for a baby than Evan. Evan is a middle name anyway (well, sometimes Ryan is too), but Ryan is a great match for the Schneider name...Rock on, Ryan!

Dodger Blue Michael Schneider!!!!! I like it.

i'd ditch the ones that rhyme with michael -- and Tyler is worse than Ryan, so I'm voting that off the ... list.

All right, now the results. Eliminated this week? Jack.

That leaves us with...

Alexander Michael Schneider
Evan Michael Schneider
Matthew Michael Schneider
Ryan Michael Schneider

Yikes -- just four left? Are we really on the verge of naming our unborn child? Find out... on the next edition of Who Wants to Name Our Baby?, the Blogality show.


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