Friday, June 09, 2006

L.A. Blog Road Kill

The blogosphere is littered with them: Blogs that went nowhere, or never even got off the ground. In the world of Blogger/Blogspot, that's especially the case with blogs that managed to snag the place names of Los Angeles neighborhoods first. For example, in the case of Atwater Village, check out, and you'll find this:

One post: "Welcome to my Atwater Village bolg [sic]... let's talk about atwater!" Sadly, no one was apparently interested. After that one post from 2003, the blog never saw any activity again.

Thankfully, the Atwater Village Newbie, at (a subtle difference) is there to pick up the slack.

The anonymous Newbie has been posting some excellent stuff as of late at his/her blog (which has been a great resource for Team Franklin Avenue, as we live right around the corner from the Atwater Village 'hood.)

Try any Southern California neighborhood or city. They were all claimed on Blogger/Blogspot a long time ago... but they all remain empty, or have been dormant for years. In some cases, squatters simply registered the name, then never did anything after that. Check out,,,,, you get the idea. Perhaps Blogger should figure out what to do about domain squatting.

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