Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How the Dodgers Came To Town

(Image via the Los Angeles Public Library collection.)

As the Dodgers celebrate their 50th anniversary in Los Angeles, Bob Timmermann is putting together what promises to be an interesting talk about how Walter O'Malley and the team made it out here from Brooklyn. (H/t to Jon Weisman for pointing this out.)

Bob will conduct the talk on Thursday, April 3, at the Los Angeles Central Library.

He's already been tossing out some interesting tidbits over at The Griddle, such as:

-- Dodger Stadium is not actually in Chavez Ravine, but rather, Chavez Ravine is across the street.

-- The debate over Proposition B, the 1958 referendum that Dodgers owner O'Malley pushed in order to trade his Wrigley Field (in South L.A.) property for the land where Dodger Stadium now sits.

-- What a larger Wrigley Field (the L.A. one) might have looked like.

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