Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rate-A-Restaurant #190: Butter Tart

Restaurant: Butter Tart

Location: 4126 Verdugo Road (Glassell Park)

Type of restaurant: Coffee and baked goods

We stipulated: A few months ago, Maria and I finally took in our dusty, decrepit bikes to get tuned up. It was an ambitious move: Neither of us had ridden bikes in years; hell, since the birth of Evan, neither of us do much exercise, period. We bought a bike trailer from Target for the Blogger Preschooler to ride along... and a few Saturdays ago, we took our maiden voyage -- to a Coffee Bean in north Glendale. Since then, we've been on the lookout for other Saturday morning destinations. When we heard that a new boutique coffee shop had opened up nearby, it seemed like a perfect time to head on over.

What we ordered: "Colossal Coffee Cake," $2.95; Bacon Butter Tart, $2; Large Coffee, $2; medium coffee, $1.45

High point: They don't lie, that slice of coffee cake was indeed colossal -- plenty for me to share with Evan, and even Maria (who found herself having to share the Bacon Butter Tart with our 3 1/2 year-old bacon fiend). Both were buttery good, and went well with the Groundworks coffee.

Low point: Strangely, the large coffee and medium coffee mugs seemed to be nearly the same size. I'm wondering if I should order my coffee "to go" next time. Also, it's too bad the hours are so limited (Butter Tart is closed by 11 a.m. on weekdays and noon on weekends), although I get why they want to wait and test demand before being open longer.

Overall impression: What a needed and perfect addition to this part of the South Glendale/Adams Hill/South Eagle Rock/North Glassell Park region. The well-designed spot (love the cardboard moose heads) is bright and inviting, and the music was right on, a cool mix of indie, chill out and more. Then, of course, are the baked goods: All homemade, and all worth the bike ride over. (Hey, we earned those treats. It's all a wash, right?) Some of the items may be a tad too buttery, but that's quibbling. We're so psyched to have Butter Tart nearby that we'll be spreading the word.

Chance we'll go back: You may see us there almost every weekend. Butter Tart's Karena told us that bike racks are coming, which will help us concentrate on what's on our plate, instead of keeping an eye on our bikes outside.

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